Responsive Design

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Responsive Design:

 Ensuring Your Website Looks Amazing, No Matter What the Screen Size

More and more people are using tablets and their mobile phones to access the Internet. The field of website design and development has had to adjust.

What’s Responsive Design, and How Does It Affect Your Website?

Responsive design refers to a way of creating a website so that it has a consistent look and feel no matter what device you’re using (or how big its screen is).

It won’t matter whether your customer looks at your site on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop screen - a responsive website will automatically adjust to fit the screen.

Why Do You Need a Responsive Website?

If your website isn’t responsive, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some important benefits:

  • Mobile is popular: more and more people are accessing the Internet on mobile devices, and if your site doesn’t look good, they won’t come back
  • People are more likely to shop on mobile: it’s convenient to shop on mobile devices, and a responsive website will increase sales
  • Mobile isn’t going away: every year, the number of mobile devices on the planet grows - you can’t ignore this phenomenon
  • Search engines prefer mobile-friendly sites: your SEO rankings will be hurt if you don’t have a responsive site