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Internet Marketing Company

All The Way Up Media specializes in Website DesignSEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Google Pay Per Click), WordPress Development, and  Social Media


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SEO Toronto Business Solutions

As an internet marketing company, our search engine optimization (SEO) services are handled by SEO experts. SEO campaigns have increased our clients’ revenue by enabling their websites to rank higher in searches. For the price that our clients are paying, they know that they will receive a good return. How do we do it? We perform a website audit to make pages friendlier to search engines, develop a strategy to outrank competitors, analyze content for search engines, and assist with marketing platforms such as social media that draw traffic to websites and create leads for our customers. Whether you look for customers in Toronto or globally, we will work with you on the right strategy to bring customers to your business.

Web Design Toronto

After over ten years of being an internet marketing company and working in web design in Toronto, we have many satisfied clients. All The Way Up Media creates beautiful, customized websites that provide a unique business solution to meet your needs. We work with you every step of the way to design, plan, and implement your website, which will be optimized so that customers find you when they perform online searches. Every website we design scales to fit all screen sizes. Our prices are highly competitive.


Through an eCommerce site, design and develop an online store that’s easy to use and secure. Selling your products and services online has never been easier. eCommerce is growing every day and there’s no reason you shouldn’t maximize all opportunities here. Grow your business using the latest software in eCommerce and receive an online store that is fully hosted, mobile commerce ready, and with an ongoing support should you ever need it. No matter what products or services need selling, we will help in providing insight into the best way to present them online, what eCommerce platform to use, and ensure that the finished product is customized to your company’s needs.

WordPress Website

We design and develop WordPress sites. With all the advantages of the world’s largest and most popular content. Management system at your side, have the tools you need to succeed in the online marketplace. There’s a reason entrepreneurs, small businesses, an internet marketing company like us, and the world’s biggest corporations all depend on WordPress to deliver their website’s content. It’s an easy to understand the system, allowing you – that’s right, you! – make changes to your website, write your own blogs and post them, and add features with the click of a button. Having a well-designed WordPress site will give you the kind of hands-on management tool you want to excel against the competition in your space.

Social Media

Receive an industry-appropriate social media presence with updated profiles that are easy to integrate into your website. Engage customers in new, exciting ways while increasing your digital footprint. This can be done by accessing networks of customers that may not otherwise come into contact with your business. Via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, there’s real opportunity here to build revenues. Professional, customized social media profiles drives traffic back to your website, helping to strengthen your online presence. As a leading internet marketing company, we will consult and assist in creating social media opportunities to help grow your business instantly.

Responsive design

Websites that have a consistent, attractive look and feel across all devices is key in today’s website development. There are more users who will visit your website on their smartphone or tablet than on any computer. When they do visit on these mobile devices, a website without a responsive design will be difficult to read, hard to navigate, and present your business in an unflattering light. That’s why a responsive web design is a necessity in today’s web design as it serves to fit your website to any device. Remember, the structure and design of your website is the first thing that a potential customer will notice. You’ve got to make it responsive!


A great way to gain new customers while keeping in touch with existing clients, build followers from a newsletter release strategy containing all your latest updates and promotions. Every business should have an attractively designed, informative newsletter to establish their credibility and to connect with customers who are interested in hearing from you. Implement techniques to drive people back to your website to get them engaged with your brand. Better yet, encourage visitors to sign up to receive the latest promotions from your business and always give me a reason to click. As an internet marketing company, we believe newsletters are still a major tool to achieve the best results for any business!

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