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Blogging For SEO – Using Blogs To Rank Higher

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Blogging for SEO can do wonders because search engines love new content. Blogging is a perfect tool to add new content to your site after you are done with describing your products, services, and other mandatory pages. This makes blogging a great tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You should definitely leverage its amazing potential!

Today, we will give you five tips on how to use blogs to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP). First, all general SEO tips for website optimization apply to blogging too. This includes the use of keywords, tags, meta description, title, page loading speed, image compression, linking, etc.

How are blogs different then? Are there any specific SEO tips for blogging? Let us take a look.

Create Unique Content

When blogging for SEO, the blog must be written in a language understandable to your readers and should also buy local citations to boost up the visibility of your blog. Use the vocabulary that will keep the readers interested yet won’t make them look up the terms they don’t know. Keep it simple but relevant. Ever heard of “edutainment”? Exactly, educate your readers by entertaining them!

Don’t write about what’s in trend. Instead, create new interesting content that can create a new trend and here is an interesting post on Answering the 25 Most Asked Digital Marketing Questions that gives you a lot of ideas about how to write content. Write about what you know and what you like. Stand out of the crowd. Add a personal touch. Keep your paragraphs small (no more than a few lines of text). Add spaces between paragraphs.

Using Blogs To Rank Higher

Keep Readers Engaged

Keywords are very important. However, modern search engine algorithms pay more and more attention to user experience. It means that Google prioritizes the time spent by users on your page and the number of viewed pages over actual page optimization.

It does not mean that SEO is useless. It just means that ranking is becoming an increasingly more complicated process. So, keep your users engaged and on-site.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Instead of writing “car insurance”, try “affordable car insurance in Canada.” It should be easy for you if you know your audience. In 2013, Google announced the use of Hummingbird, the new search algorithm that considers context and meaning over individual keywords.

It means that Google tries to determine what your post is about by analyzing all of its content. The algorithm uses LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) technology, which, basically, is about flexible text analysis. The algorithm analyzes all words, tries to associate them, and make out the meaning of the text.

To put it simpler, Google might show your page on SERP even if it does not contain the words typed in the search box. If it thinks that the meaning of your page is similar to a search query intent, your page will show. So focus on long meaningful phrases instead of single keywords.

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Internal Links

Keep engaging your audience. Enrich your blog post with internal links (not too many either) to your other blog posts relevant to the topic, to your “Contacts” or “Services” page. Your task is not to let them get back to Google to look for competition. Add “Like” and “Share” buttons. Offer a subscription to a newsletter.

Add Call To Action tools. Give your readers an option to try more of your services/products right from your blog post. Don’t make them search your website for a proper button. Yet remember to avoid using too many links and keyword stuffing. Don’t let readability suffer.

Use Multimedia

Images speak more than a thousand words. Illustrations, diagrams, infographics are 100 times more understandable than a thousand boring words. And we don’t want our readers to get bored, do we?

Add videos, animated images, GIF images, interactive questionnaires, and polls. But do keep your website stylistics in mind. The website of a law firm, for example, will benefit from videos and polls, but GIF images might be a little bit too much.

Videos are a must-have. Search engines love videos as they increase the time spent on page. This will boost your ranking and diversify your content. Do invest in high-quality recording equipment too. With more 4K displays coming to market and higher speed Internet, readers prefer higher resolution videos.

Don’t turn your blog post into a cluster of multimedia. Everything should look and feel organic. Remember, now it’s not about the quantity, but about high-quality content that is both educating and entertaining at the same time.

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People Also Search For

Google People Also Search For is an innovative feature that helps people narrow their search parameters by asking questions that look deeper into your query so they’ll find exactly what they want.

That’s why it’s important to have the answers to these questions on your website for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so Google will add your website to the People Also Ask feature.

When writing a blog, heighten your visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website by offering more information on the search topic by crafting a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section that is compatible with the PAA feature. 

So, spend time on blogging for SEO! Blogs can make a difference. A blog is your way of talking to your clients and showing them that you care for them. Being a great way of uploading new content on a periodic basis, blogs thus also make a powerful and highly efficient SEO tool.

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