Converting Clicks Into Sales

How Converting Clicks Into Sales Works

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Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing!

(P. Barnum)

If you run a business, you should be interested in ramping up sales of your company. This is natural for any business that is intended to make a profit. You also know that you should have your own website to promote your services and advertise your goods. After all, we are living in the time when a kid next door has his own website, let alone a local church or a bagel store. Having a website is no longer an option. It is a must-have.

The problem is that only having a website is not enough. Your website must be visible to Internet users who browse the web in search of services or goods similar to those produced by your website. In the best-case scenario, your website should appear on the first page of such search in Google or other search engines.

If you have created your website and now happily expect to receive a bunch of phone calls the next morning, you are in for a surprise. You won’t get any. At least not because the clients saw your website. Why? Because the search engine hasn’t ranked it among the best top sites providing such services. This is where you need a good SEO Specialist.

SEO (search engine optimization) is exactly the process of optimizing the website’s content in such a way as to push your website to the top of search engine results. There are measures to be taken, they are highly efficient, and they require special training and expertise.

What’s important to understand is that running an SEO campaign is definitely worth the expenses. Unfortunately, there is no standard formula to calculate what exact ROI (Return on Investment) you can get from investing in SEO campaign. There are too many factors to consider. The fact remains that an SEO campaign has the potential for sky-high marketing ROI.

The fact remains. SEO delivers results. In just a few months, it is possible to increase the number of visitors/potential clients to your website from a few dozens to a few thousand. And the cost of the campaign cannot possibly be compared to the revenue gained from such number of new visitors/clients. Think of it as paying 10 dollars for an ad, which brings you several thousand dollars worth of customers.

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You’d be surprised to know that the Internet is no longer used for information search only. It has become a powerful marketing destination, a No. 1 destination for shopping and sales. It has a bigger financial circulation than the physical stores, with Amazon and the likes presenting a tough challenge to Walmart’s established market.

Think about the importance of SEO and marketing in the following terms. In the past, you would open a business, put up a sign, and hand out a few leaflets. In the more modern times, you would add TV and radio ads. Now, the Internet enables you to access billions of clients all over the globe, from Hong Kong to Vancouver. These people are looking for your goods/services and find your competitors. A well-planned SEO campaign can change that.

Why is it important to appear in the top of search engine results?

Think of top search results as affluent neighborhoods. Before a client visits the company, they look up its location. If the location is in a good neighborhood, the client has more trust, and there’s a bigger chance that they will select your company. There’s a stereotype at work – if the neighborhood is good, the company is prosperous. The same stereotype applies to SEO promotion. Top sites are the most respected ones and they rake in most of the clients.

Also, a good position attracts more visitors. 95% of visitors will pay attention to the top 10 search results, i.e. the first page of a Google search. Let’s take Google, as it has 90.61% of all online searches. If the search engine lists your website on the fourth page or more, only 2 percent of the users will be patient enough to find it. Know this – the higher is your search result, the bigger is the traffic (i.e. clients).

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Why do you need a professional for SEO promotion?

You may think you can just add hundreds of pages to the website and it will push your website to the top. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are many factors at work here. You may actually get more visitors, but not get more clients. To achieve the best result, it is extremely important to correctly identify the list of promoted queries and the promotion strategy in general.

Creating a website and not promoting it properly is direct damage to your business. Forget the times, when people were calling reference services or browsing yellow pages for goods or services. Now they will simply Google it up. If your website has not been properly optimized, that person will end up in your competitors’ arms. You would agree that it is not a pleasant thing to lose clients who could have come to you but were just unable to find you.

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Finally, it is important to realize that the money spent on an SEO campaign can result in one of the highest ROIs of all your marketing initiatives. Being on the first page of a Google search for your products and/or services will give you more clients than you can handle. SEO is not only about local promotion. SEO ensures global promotion and large-scale visibility.

For most companies, SEO is a necessary and powerful marketing tool. It has a huge potential for Return on Investment and is worth every penny spent on it. If you would like to know about the services that our SEO agency provides or you would like to learn about the best SEO strategies and hidden pitfalls for your business contact us.

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