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Email marketing, in the most targeted way possible, connects your brand to your customers. They receive the benefit of updates and information from you, right to their inbox; your messages create the opportunity for engagement and a sale.

We can tailor your email marketing in the most efficient way possible, by reaching only customers and prospects who meet certain criteria. It’s true targeted marketing.

Additionally, you reach them at the lowest possible cost. Email marketing is proven, it generates billions in new business annually, across all of the business spectrum, around the world. We can help you get started easily, with measurable results, and with the potential of instant impact.

Here’s the clincher – the Return On Investment (ROI) from email marketing rank among the highest of all types of advertising.

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Set Up Email Marketing Accounts

This is how you get started. Open your domain name account, and choose the right email software, from services including MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact. This critical tech component will manage how your email list is utilized – with a calculated schedule of newsletters, promotions, and other forms of communication to your customers and prospects.

We’ll help you get set up with the right software, and manage the execution of your campaigns; crucially, we’ll also analyse the results of your email blasts, to make sure you get the maximum results possible.

Building Your Email List

Your email list is critical to your campaign. These contacts represent your best opportunity for engagement, and future sales – they have opted-in to receive your newsletters and messaging. Building and exploiting this list is a complex task that takes considerable web design knowledge – because it’s your website content that will attract and inspire people to sign up for email updates in the first place.

These are your most qualified leads, your best chance at additional sales, and also your best chance of increasing your base, through their sharing and forwarding of your messages.

Creation of Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing templates ensure that your messages are consistent and as efficient as possible. Call To Action (CTA), high-impact graphics, on-point details – these all contribute to the effectiveness of your email marketing effort. Your newsletter or update must have a specific purpose – your goal is to engage the recipient, to interest them, and to inspire action on their part.

Adopting a template approach is the best way to make the most of your customers’ opt-in. With a carefully crafted template, you’ll be giving them relevant information – the kind they want, when they want it.

Promotion of Your Products & Services AND Engaging Info

There is a fine line here, and we can help your product or service stay on the right side of it. Email marketing services, at their most effective, is a combination of promotion and meaningful, engagement-related content. Your messaging needs to interest your subscribers, over and above mere advertising and special deal offers. Mixing your promotion with useful informative content is the way to enhance your reputation in the marketplace. The likelihood of your email being shared or forwarded improves significantly with this approach, and we will ensure your messaging via email is the best it can be, the optimum mix of advertising and info.

Finding New Customers Through Email Marketing Services

It can be done – leveraging email to find new customers and sales. Strategically including incentives for your existing email subscriber base to share or forward your messages to others, through referral codes, etc., can effectively spread the word about your business. Then, there are your subscribers who may not yet be actual customers. Email incentives are a proven way to help convert prospects into paying clients, which should be your goal continuously.

Your digital marketing agency can work with you, to identify the best opportunities for utilizing your email marketing campaigns, and ultimately expand your customer base.

Keeping in Touch with Your Customer Base

Your loyal client base wants to hear what’s new from you, and email is one of the best channels you can use to communicate with them. It’s your way to talk to them in a one-on-one fashion. The content, information, and promotional offers can, in fact, be crafted to be, or at least appear to be, customized to them. Customers and prospects both respond to quality messaging, particularly when it is engaging and current, as opposed to generic and stale-dated junk.

Regular contact also helps to convert subscribers who are not yet actual customers. Properly crafted messages, updates, and newsletters will create new paying customers.

Marketing Services

The use of email within your marketing efforts to promote a business’s products and services, as well as incentivize customer loyalty.


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Our Clients

We know, from our broad range of clients – businesses, products and services of all types – how effective and, in fact, necessary regular communication with customers via email can be. Retail, both online and bricks-and-mortar, professional services of all types, trades, e-commerce, sharing platforms – you name it, if they are in business, we have likely helped them with both their online presence and their email marketing strategy.

We can do the same for your product or service. Our expertise in email marketing services sets us apart. We’ll help you create and maintain an effective channel of communications and promotion with your customer and prospect base, via targeted email.

Email Marketing Services

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A critical component of establishing and maintaining your web presence is through targeted email, to your customers and prospects. Establishing an email list, keeping it current, and creating an ongoing flow of targeted email messaging – in the form of newsletters, updates, features, and promotions – will help keep your readers engaged and interested in your offering. Our internet marketing company will handle all that for you.

It is an exceptionally cost-effective form of marketing. You’ll be keeping your customers informed, and they will help spread the word about you, through their forwarding and sharing of your email message. It’s a proven formula, but it takes expertise. We have that expertise.

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Tailored Marketing
For Your Business

Let’s sit down and brainstorm. We will work with your input, learn about your business, your vision and your desired outcomes. Together, we will create your email marketing strategy: Effective, on-point communication through a well-established and meticulously maintained subscriber list – it’s a proven way to engage your marketplace and generate sales.

The key to email marketing success is the quality of your campaigns, timing and content. You want the best possible mix – in your newsletters, updates, and promotions, of relevant content, mixed with calls to action (CTA) – that inspire and motivate your clients and prospects to engage back – with inquiries, comments, and most of all, orders.

The best email marketing campaign leaves nothing to chance. Everything should be calculated for maximum impact in the mind of your recipient. This includes the wording of your text, and the design of your graphics, and the timing of your blasts. The goal should be to inspire and engage. We’ve shown many of our valued clients just how effective email marketing services can be; they have seen them for themselves, and continue to take advantage of them. You should too; your product or service offering stands to gain from a strong email marketing strategy.

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Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, All The Way Up Media is an esteemed technology hub known globally for its innovative and cutting-edge tech industry. While we are well-established in our home country, we proudly serve customers across North America and even in distant regions like Europe and Asia.

With our extensive expertise and ever-expanding knowledge, we offer tailored online marketing and web optimization solutions. Whether you’re targeting your local area, our area, or anywhere else in the world, we are delighted to work with you. As a leading digital marketing company in Toronto, we take pride in our ability to connect with clients worldwide.