Google Guarantee For Locksmiths Plumbers

Google Guarantee For Locksmiths & Plumbers

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If you search in Google for service and among the first websites the search engine will return to you will be those stamped ‘Google Guarantee’. As it turns out, the little green checkmark that appears next to these services count for a lot. The Google Guarantee is a program that Google implemented to promise their users more safety in clicking while generating leads to service providers.

How Do Google Guarantee Ads Work?

Local Services ads allow businesses to advertise to potential customers in their local market. Sometimes, leads from Google Local Services can come through phone or direct messages. If you’re approved for Google Guarantee, you can use this to enhance your business profile and better showcase your business in search results.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Google Guarantee is that it allows your website to show up at the very top of search queries. Google Guarantee search results are typically the first thing a user sees, above paid ads, above Maps, and above the organic search results.

Google Guarantee

How Being Google Guaranteed Protects Buyers

For buyers, Google Guarantee legitimizes your brand in their eyes and the green checkmark advises the customer that they can trust clicking it. Any service with a Google Guarantee means they’re licensed, insured, and have been screened.

For a customer, that gives them great peace of mind in booking a service and with a guarantee that they can receive their money returned if they’re not satisfied, it’s a difficult deal to pass on. If you’re a customer with a claim to make on a Google guarantee service provider, they can do so by contacting Google customers support at 1-844-885-0761. Please note to submit a claim, you must have booked directly through Local Services. Also, claims must be submitted within thirty days of the service completion date.

How Being Google Guaranteed Helps Your Business?

Receive premium placement at the top of search engine results, target local customers with Local Services ads, and be featured with contact information, location, and reviews readily accessible.

Please note that, as of publication date, Google Guarantee is only available to plumbers and locksmiths. Although it may expand in the future, the inspiration behind Google Guarantee was to minimize the advertising of fraudulent businesses in these two categories. Having just launched in the past few years, we are hopeful the Google Guarantee may expand to other services.

Google Guarantee is a great program for locksmiths and plumbers
Google Guarantee

How To Become Google Guaranteed?

To become a google guaranteed business and have the Google Guarantee budge and become next to your name you need to, first, verify your business through Google Business Profile.

Once you’ve completed these two steps and have passed Google’s standards, your business can be advertised with the Google Guarantee budge. What this checkmark provides to people who click is that it lets them know if they accept services from your business and are not satisfied, they can be reimbursed directly from Google for an amount up to a $2,000 CAD lifetime cap.

How Do I Sign up for Google Guarantee?

  1. Set Up Google Guarantee Profile

    To get started with Google Guarantee, you must call 1-888-272-1444 to set up a profile. They require you to have your city, phone number, website address, and a short business bio provided.

    You will be asked what your weekly Google Guarantee budget will be. Please note a business owner can change their budget after a campaign is started so there’s no pressure on committing to a definitive spending schedule.

    You can select the job type you like as well as the keywords which will be used to trigger your ad. Any photos relating to your business, you can post. You will also be asked additional information, such as when you want your ad to show and to define your service area.

  2. Reviews On Google Guarantee

    To get started on a Google Guarantee campaign, you need at least one customer to review you. Google will send you a link in the registration process which you will be required to send to your client. The client can then click on it and post their review. Ideally, 1 to 3 reviews is an excellent option to get your campaign started on the right foot.

  3. Present Insurance and Master License

    In your dashboard, you must present your business master license. It should reflect the information on Google Guarantee. A copy of your insurance is also required, up to $1 million.

  4. Background Check with Pinkerton

    Among the last steps in the Google Guarantee application process, you’ll be required to complete a background check with Pinkerton. They are a private security guard and investigations agency. It’s completely free to get done. You’ll be asked some questions and following that, a period of 2-8 weeks will be allotted to give Pinkerton the opportunity to complete their background check. This is all to ensure the services advertised by Google are quality, legitimate, and reputable. Since you’re going into people’s homes, understandably, Google wants to ensure you don’t have a criminal history and that you are professionally certified.

  5. Video Interview

    If Google approves you and your company, the last step is to schedule a video interview for final approval.

How Does Google Charge?

Google Guarantee is essentially a lead generation system for locksmiths and plumbers. Google tracks all calls and records them. Once a call from a potential client is received, you’re charged $13. It’s worth noting this charge applies to you even if the client doesn’t hire you to do the job.

Should you receive a call from Google Guarantee from a solicitor or if the call comes from an area you don’t provide service to, you can track it in your dashboard and bring it to Google’s attention to reverse the charge. Since all calls are recorded, Google can review the call and the details are all there to support your claim without you having to do a thing.

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Recent Announcements Of Expansion Of Google Guarantee To More Services

Google recently announced the expansion of its local services program to more areas of expertise across the United States. The expanded list of industries and categories of expertise includes mostly professionals in the trades and construction fields. Currently, Google Local Services are only available and are limited to professional locksmiths and plumbers in Canada.

Industry companies can now get an added leg up on the competition with this added boost across the Google landscape. Now used as a key tool for marketers in the plumbing and locksmith industry to this point, Google’s announcement will now provide the service to American industrial companies.

The service industries that Google will be expanded to includes:

  • Siding
    • Remodeling
    • Repair & Maintenance
    • Siding Installation
    • Siding Removal
    • Other
  • Carpenter
    • Cabinetry
    • Decking
    • Drywalling
    • Fencing
    • General Installations
    • General repairs & maintenance
    • Remodeling
    • Shelving & storage
  • Countertop
    • Bathroom countertops
    • Bathroom wall panels
    • Countertop design
    • Fireplace facade
    • Granite countertops
    • Countertop installation
    • Kitchen countertops
    • Kitchen wall panels
    • Laminate countertops
    • Remodeling
    • Repair & maintenance
    • Stone slab countertops
    • Tile countertops
  • Flooring
    • Baseboards
    • Carpet
    • Hardwood
    • Installing floors
    • Marble
    • Floor polishing
    • Floor refinishing
    • Floor repair & maintenance
    • Wood floor sanding
    • Stair flooring
    • Tile
  • Foundations
    • Basement waterproofing
    • Crawl space foundation
    • Foundation drainage
    • Foundation installation
    • Foundation raising
    • Repairs & maintenance
    • Slab foundation
    • Steel pier pilings
    • Water & moisture control
  • Landscaper
    • Artificial turf installation
    • Concrete masonry
    • Driveway landscaping
    • Garden decorations
    • Grading & resloping
    • Hardscapes
    • Landscape design
    • Landscape installations
    • Outdoor water features
    • Driveway or walkway paving
    • Retaining walls
    • Walkway landscaping
    • Sod & Seeding
    • Outdoor steps
    • Stone Masonry
  • Fencing
  • Custom construction
  • Fence design
  • Fence installation
  • Repairs & maintenance

With the expansion of the Google Local services and Google Guarantee, will come the same process to become verified and approved in the Google system. Google will then procure leads for your business and charge on a per lead basis.

Take advantage of this new service that Google has expanded to the public and your business will flourish in no time!

Serviceman happy with the benefits from Google Guarantee for locksmiths
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Let Us Help You set up and run your Google Guarantee Service!

If you are a locksmith or plumbing service seeking to be Google Guaranteed and receive the Google Adwords Budge, it’s highly likely you’ll notice increased leads and conversions in the months to come. Even so, that doesn’t make SEO or Google Business Profile any less important. Google Guarantee supplements the hard work a brand puts into their SEO and Google Business Profile – it’s not meant to replace it.

If you have any questions about Google Guarantee, local SEO, our SEO agency services, or Internet Marketing Services get in touch with us today.

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