Search Google for a service today and among the first websites the search engine will return to you will be those stamped ‘Google Guaranteed’. As it turns out, the little green checkmark that appears next to these services count for a lot. The Google Guarantee is something Google’s implemented to promise their users more safety in clicking.

How Do I get Google Guaranteed

To have the Google Guarantee green checkmark next to your name you need to, first, verify your business through Google My Business. After that’s done, you must have registered and be using Google AdWords.

Once you’ve completed these two steps and have passed Google’s standards, your business can be advertised with the green checkmark. What this checkmark provides to people who click is that it lets them know if they accept services from your business and are not satisfied, they can be reimbursed directly from Google for an amount up to a $2,000 CAD lifetime cap.

How do Ads for Local Services Work

Local Services ads allow businesses to advertise to potential customers in their local market. Sometimes, leads from Local Services can come through phone or direct messages. If you’re approved to be Google Guaranteed, you can use this to enhance your business profile and better showcase your business in search results.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to being Google Guaranteed is that it allows your website to show up at the very top of search queries. Google Guaranteed search results are typically the first thing a user sees, above paid ads, above Maps, and above the organic search results.

google guarantee in search result

How Google Guarantee protects the Buyer

For buyers, Google Guarantee legitimizes your brand in their eyes and the green checkmark advises the customer that they can trust clicking it. Any service with a Google Guarantee means they’re licensed, insured, and have been screened.

For a customer, that gives them great peace of mind in booking a service and with a guarantee that they can receive their money returned if they’re not satisfied, it’s a difficult deal to pass on. If you’re a customer with a claim to make on a Google guaranteed service provider, they can do so by contacting Google customers support at 1-844-885-0761. Please note to submit a claim, you must have booked directly through Local Services. Also, claims must be submitted within thirty days of the service completion date.

How Google Guarantee helps your Business

Receive premium placement at the top of search engine results, target local customers with Local Services ads, and be featured with contact information, location, and reviews readily accessible.

Please note that, as of publication date, Google Guarantee is only available to plumbers and locksmiths. Although it may expand in the future, the inspiration behind Google Guarantee was to minimize the advertising of fraudulent businesses in these two categories. Having just launched in the past few years, we are hopeful the Google Guarantee may expand to other services.

Google Guarantee Locksmith Plumbers

If you are a locksmith or plumbing service seeking to be Google Guaranteed, it’s highly likely you’ll notice increased leads and conversions in the months to come. Even so, that doesn’t make SEO or Google My Business any less important. Google Guarantee supplements the hard work a brand puts into their SEO and Google My Business – it’s not meant to replace it.
If you have any questions about Google Guarantee, local SEO, or our SEO agency services, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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