Google My Business is a free and powerful digital marketing tool you can use to elevate your business’ reputation. When you search any business on Google, you’ll see a listing with information come up, showcasing information like location, hours, map, photos, reviews, phone number, and more.
How a website or brand gets their information to come up like that is through Google My Business. Any and every business should have Google My Business as it ensures customers are able to find you, assists with local SEO, and establishes legitimacy. Whether you’re one person or a large corporation, Google My Business is incredibly important.

Setting Up A Google My Business Listing

When setting up your Google My Business profile, it will ask for several pieces of business information. It’s important to ensure all information appears exactly as it is on your website, accurate to every letter and every number. This may include your exact business name, business address, phone number, hours, industry category, and website address.

Verifying your Google My Business Listing

After you’ve set up your account with all your information, Google will ask you to verify your location. You’ll be asked to do so randomly by text, phone call, or by mail. If the method is chosen is by text, a message is sent to the phone number that’s stated on the account. The user then receives a code upon which their Google My Business account can be verified. If it’s by phone call, the same number on the account will be used to send an automated call with the same code. If it’s by mail, Google will send you a postcard with your code. In all cases, the code needs to be entered in online to complete the verification process.

Google My Business Photos

When filling in your information, do not forget to place in photos. Logos, interior and exterior photos of your business, staff pictures, or products and/or services pictures can all be ways to attract a visitor’s eye to your business. Please note any user can add pictures as well to your Google My Business profile.

Google Virtual Tour

Users are able to see your place of business in a 360-degree virtual tour if you’ve activated the virtual tour component of Google My Business. For restaurants and similar service-based businesses, users love to have a short virtual tour of the space to know what they are walking into prior to booking a reservation or dropping in for an appointment.

Google Maps Business Listing

Google My Business information will show up in Maps. Very important to know is that Maps is used by numerous smartphone users to search for local shops, restaurants, and directions local businesses. If you’ve properly filled in your Google My Business, you’ll have the advantage by being ranked high in search results and being easy to find for ready-to-buy customers. So any time a customer searches for something general, like “restaurants near me”, Google will match this search with the best matches. As long as the search is relevant to your business, you can expect your name to appear.
Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Posts

Google lets businesses enter posts, very much like social media. There are all sorts of types of posts you can have, including posts with a short blurb along with a button for a ‘discount’, an ‘order now’ CTA, ‘place a call’, ‘buy now’, ‘book an appointment’, or ‘sign up’. Using Google My Business for posts is great to share news, encourage participation in offers, and drive call to actions. When a user comes across a business listing, they can see the post and interact with it.
Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Reviews

After your Google My Business profile is set up, customers and consumers will be able to leave reviews. These will be attached to your official Google profile, showing up everywhere from maps to any time a person searches your name.
In this day and age, more people are going to their smartphones to see reviews about a business before they go shop there. If you have bad reviews, you may lose clients because of a bad Google My Business reputation. It’s important to keep an eye on these. If bad reviews begin to accumulate, it’ll negatively impact your online reputation. Google also works to aggregate reviews from other platforms such as Yelp and the Yellow Pages. We always encourage business owners to reply to reviews left on your Google My Business profile.

Google My Business Insights Report

In addition to the benefits Google My Business provides to customers, it also provides you with a number of important insights. You’ll see which search terms users have used to locate your business through Google. This can be a great way for a business owner to identify a user’s intent – know what a user is looking for and use this information to adjust content accordingly. You’ll also see how many people clicked on your profile, how many visited your website, how many requested directions to your location, and how many users contacted you by phone.

Google My Business Questions And Answers

The Q&A section of Google My Business is an ideal place to get to know what customers want to know and what information you may be leaving out.

Following The Rules Of Google My Business Guidelines

These days, Google is very strict on how a Google My Business profile is supposed to be used. They’re quick to suspend accounts if they notice anything suspicious. This makes it highly important to stick with the Google My Business guidelines to ensure your business is being represented in the correct way.

Google My Business Phone Number

If you’re unsure about anything, you can call Google directly at 844-491-9655 for support.
What happens after you have a Google My Business profile is simple. Any time someone launches a local search in your vicinity or with a location-based keyword, search results will include you. When someone uses Maps to search out businesses like yours, your name will be included in the search listing. Your contact details, business hours, and reviews will be there. Claim your Google My Business listing today and register.

All The Way Up Media is an SEO agency that helps to optimize Google My Business listings in an SEO campaign to maximize local traffic. If you’ve any questions about how to register for a Google My Business account or how to use it to elevate your business’ local SEO campaign, give us a call or fill out the form below.

Online reputation management is not just about looking after your social media accounts and maintaining a Google Alert on your business name. The Internet provides an opportunity for users of all backgrounds to share brand experiences and create conversation. Online reputation management involves managing the conversation that’s happening around your business or industry and looking after online reviews.

Consumer reviews are an opportunity for users online to have their voices heard and to share their experience. Seen on social media sites like Facebook, on search engines like Google, and on classifieds like Yelp, reviews can make or break a business. They’re powerful in the sense that reviews communicate so much about a brand’s standards, reputation, products, and/or services from the viewpoint of the customer. For example, if you want to have a haircut, you’re going to go online and check out the reviews for local hairdressers and salons. Those reviews are going to affect your final decision on where to put your money.

Where do online reviews show up?

No matter the category of business, user reviews have a role to play. Some of the most common online review websites are

  • Trusted Reviews for products
  • Indeed for jobs
  • Glass Door for businesses
  • Trip Advisor for hotels and hospitality-related restaurants or entertainment
  • Exclaim for music reviews.

Brands that aren’t monitoring theirs may have a reputation problem on their hands before long. For example, should a potential customer come along and see a ton of negative reviews, are they really going to want to purchase something from you – probably not.
online reputation management, reviews

How do online reviews appear?

Reviews can appear in a variety of different ways, with a five-star system being the most common. They may also appear as images, videos, or in plain text. It’s true that, in some cases, one bad business review can take down a business. If there’s an accusation that so poorly portrays your brand that few customers want to continue their relationship with you, you’re going to be in trouble. Notwithstanding, the average business may receive a mix of reviews. Some will be spam and can oftentimes be removed by contacting the review website. At other times, if someone expresses a legitimate concern, you may have some difficulty removing it.

Online reviews which appear as articles

Some reviews aren’t going to appear as ‘reviews’ at all but instead, will show up in the form of articles and blogs. If they say something positive about a product or service, or your brand, that’s wonderful. If it’s negative though, it can be much more complex on how to manage this. An article like that will get placed on Google and then, whenever someone searches out your brand, it’s going to come up. It could affect your reputation for a long time if you don’t be careful.

monitor online reviews, online reputation management

How to monitor online reviews for your benefit

Any brand who makes the investment to respond to negative reviews and monitor their reputation online shows their audience they care about what people are saying. In this sense, even a negative review can be an opportunity to advertise your business in a positive light. Thankfully, there’s also software which can help monitor what people are saying about you online. Various software will track your business name and brand, reporting to you any time you are mentioned on sites like Mention and Awario.

  • Decide if you need to respond. If there’s derogatory or degrading language, irrational opinions, or if it’s not something you feel you can remedy, contact the review website and ask them to remove the comment.
  • Respond to negative feedback by hearing them out, empathizing with them, apologizing, and taking action to fix the complaint. When other customers see your willingness to help and improve, they’ll feel comfortable doing business with you. Any business owner will have to go out of their way to fix a bad review. Even so, it’s important. By not responding, the damage a brand could incur is sizeable.
  • Respond to all positive reviews as well! You don’t want to give the impression that, to get your attention, a customer needs to leave negative feedback. A few words of acknowledgement is enough to thank someone for leaving their two cents.
  • Monitor the most popular review sites first and foremost since they get more exposure, as these will be where the majority of customers see you.
  • Monitor your social media accounts as well. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are extremely popular for users who want to leave reviews and comments regarding brands.
  • Respond quickly and politely.

Reviews, online reputation management

For help in building positive business reviews and for strong reputation management online, contact internet marketing company, All The Way Up Media, today.

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