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SEO Page Speed Optimization

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When a client comes to us seeking results-driven SEO services, page speed optimization is a priority.

If a page is not loading quickly and efficiently, it not only negatively impacts how search engine crawlers see you but, most importantly, it makes users have to wait. Even if it’s only a few extra seconds, this gives someone enough time to reconsider their decision to click on your website.

Don’t let that happen. Here is why at All The Way Up Media page speed optimization is included in our SEO bundle.

What Is Page Speed Optimization?

Any website will want a fast page speed, even if they don’t know how it relates to SEO. Faster is better because the faster a page loads, the easier it will be for a user to get to the information they came for.

Page speed measures how fast the content of a web page loads. Every page on your website has a page speed.

A lot of factors play into page speed. Your web hosting package. The size of your page. Whether it’s the desktop or mobile version of the page.

The more that you put on a web page, the slower it is bound to be. All The Way Up Media can run an in-depth analysis of your website and correct the issues that are holding your page speed back from its true potential.

Why Is Page Speed Optimization Essential For SEO?

Fast loading time for a web page is a signal to search engines that it is a high quality page. It’s an indicator of a positive user experience.

This helps the page rank because it is one of several ranking factors that demonstrate a website can be trusted.

That said, page speed is not a single metric. There are multiple that search engines like Google use, meaning that it’s not as simple as fine-tuning every web page to load as quickly as possible. There are technical factors that must be weighed.

  • Time To First Byte, or TTFB, is how long it takes for a page to start the loading process.
  • First Contentful Paint, or FCP, is how long it takes for a user to see the first element of the page.
  • Onload time is how long it takes to fully load the content of a page.
Page speed is important for SEO

What Other Metrics Google Uses To Assess Page Speed

Many metrics can be directly or indirectly utilized to judge page speed by search engines.

Core Web Vitals score user experience, with three metrics that refer to page loading speed, webpage interactivity, and visual stability. These are all impacted by how your web design is crafted and the speed of your pages.

  • Largest Contentful Paint, or LCP, measures how long it takes for main content to load. The ideal range is 2.5 seconds or less.
  • First Input Delay, or FID, refers to how long it takes for a user to interact with a page. The ideal range is 100 milliseconds or less.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift, or CLS, is how often a user experiences a layout shift. The ideal score is 0.1 or less.

When our SEO experts tackle page speed optimization, Core Web Vitals play a key role in analyzing how successful our strategies are.

How Much Can Page Speed Optimization Help My Search Engine Rank

Page speed is one of several SEO factors that All The Way Up Media utilizes to dramatically increase a website’s search engine ranking.

Page speed alone is not going to outrank your competition, however, it can play a defining role in how fast you achieve your peak rank, how long you maintain it, and if your web page is capable of getting there. Aspects such as content relevancy and search intent work alongside page speed optimization to place a website’s pages in the best rank according to a search engine’s algorithm.

When you connect with our SEO experts for page speed optimization, we don’t simply invest our time into this single factor.

All The Way Up Media conducts a full SEO site analysis, outlining dozens of strategies that we can use to boost your search engine rank, outpace your competition, and rank you higher with a more optimized website.

How To Check Your Own Website Page Speed

There are many page speed and page load time tools that will tell you how fast your web page is with varying degrees of accuracy.

Each tool uses slightly different data and calculations so results may vary, however, if you’re curious about where your website ranks in terms of a simple good/bad test, PageSpeed Insights by Google utilizes the search engine’s data to analyze page load time.

There are also non-Google website page speed analysis services, such as GTMetrix and Pingdom which both offer a broad view of your site’s health.

The only downside to these tools is that they only let you check a URL at a time and not your full website.

Page speed mobile websites

How Can I Make My Website Faster To Load?

After we conduct an analysis of your website and specific pages, the experts at All The Way Up Media will make specific recommendations on how to speed up page loading.

Compress Images

Images take time to load. Allow us to compress your images, optimize them for SEO, and do so without a significant loss in quality.

Evaluate Your Hosting

Ensure your hosting services are what they need to be. If we believe they need to be upgraded to accommodate increased traffic, we can make suggestions on how and where.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Ensure your website server is able to handle the requests it is receiving and that files have the information a user needs to view the page.

Enable Browser Caching

Browser caching allows users to temporarily store web page data so that it loads faster. This improves the experience of a recurring user.


Minimize your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code. We’ll remove unnecessary elements in your code and optimize it for fast loading.

Prioritize Content Fixes

There may be issues with how your web page is designed or how the content is structured that directly impacts page speed. Have an SEO expert examine your site from top to bottom to prioritize content fixes.

These are just a few of the ways we can help cut down on page speed and load time but there are many other strategies that we use at All The Way Up Media to fine-tune a website so that it delivers pages optimally for search engines and SEO.

Do You Need SEO Page Speed Optimization Strategies?

SEO is compromised and limited when page speed optimization is not a factor. When you’re not prioritizing page speed, you’re making an active decision to ignore an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to an optimized website and is hurting your search engine rank.

If your website is very slow, this leaves a negative impression on users and provides them with a negative experience.

Imagine how you would feel if the first impression of a website was that it loaded slower than you wanted. It doesn’t inspire confidence or signify efficiency.

This is why page speed matters, why page speed should be checked often, and why SEO page speed optimization should be included in with your strategies to improve load time and overall page speed. Make your website fast!

Give your users a page that loads fast in as little as a second or less. Turn more leads onto your website and convert!

Opt For SEO Page Speed Optimization With The Experts At All The Way Up Media

The probability of a bounce triples if a web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Cut down on your loading time and use page speed optimization for SEO from All The Way Up Media to give your site a better ranking.

Users expect pages to load quickly. They want the information they clicked for as fast as possible. Don’t leave them waiting. When you do, they might not return to your website after this initial visit or may immediately switch over to a competitor’s site.

Beyond fulfilling the expectations of your users, you may see a major difference in how your pages start to rank. Search engines see the value in fast websites. Especially when it comes to mobile searches and mobile visitors, and a lot can slow down a website. It’s a top ranking factor. Ensure every page on your website loads quickly.

Better search engine placement will mean you have more visibility and attract more leads. Most importantly, a fast website means optimized conversion rates. Did you know that improving your page speed by one second can improve your conversion rate on average by 7 percent? It’s true! This equates to thousands of dollars every year and potentially more in extra revenue simply by adopting SEO page speed optimization and prioritizing page speed.

Remember, a page that loads fast keeps a user happy, in turn providing them more of a reason to convert in the way you want them to.

If you need help making your website faster, talk to us at All The Way Up Media.

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