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What Is People Also Ask on Google?

If you’ve entered any search query in Google lately, you’ve probably noticed a series of results in an expandable box called “People also ask” ( Google PAA).

The series of questions related to your search query have now appeared in Google SERP (search result page).

If you have recently put in a search term in Google, you may have noticed the results containing an expandable grid box.

In this box are a series of questions related to the search query you looked for.

Featured Snippet People Also Ask

In each of these answers, you can see other related questions that others might have asked with their own unique answers and links to where to find more information.

The link is displayed underneath each small description of the answer given.

Google Search Result Page-People Also Ask

Why Is Google Making These Changes?

What Google is trying to achieve here is to offer users a better understanding of any topic searched.

With the example above, while the search query might have been “How to make an apple pie?”, Google search engine offers a deeper dive into the topic.

People Also Ask in search result

This gives the end-users more options to choose from with similar-sounding phrases and keywords.

In fact, the further on the user will utilize the “People Who Ask” feature on Google search result page (also known as SERP), the deeper the knowledge Google offers.

Depending on which answer you click on the expanding carousel of new questions you might have not thought of, you will be given a whole new set of additional follow-up questions and answers to consider.

Meaning, when a user clicks on a relative question, an answer will display with a quick summary that Google will extract from that particular web page.

Additionally, Google will add a few more questions on top of the suggested ones below to get a better, deeper understanding of the topic at hand. It allows for the users to get answers to questions they might’ve not thought to ask.

For the end-user, it’s a useful way to get to the information they seek without having to think of new search queries or phrases.

Also, out of convenience, the box won’t appear at the top of the results page, but further down the results page.

find the right questions in “people also ask” Box

A lot of the time, the related question box won’t show up on the results page.

The more narrowed the search query is, the less likely it is to have a relevant question box.

Google generally will put the box up when there’s a more general question or phrase posted.

Reliability of Quality and Authority of related posts

If you take a close look at the related questions’ sources, they will be from the most popular results from Google.

There will still be the same clout that Google recognizes from the tried and true methods of good content, proper tagging and all the other important tips that are followed.

The strength of the related posts will lie on the strength of the content.

And the better and more well-informed the content is on your website, the more likely Google will add your website to this related posts box.

In order to get a good placement in one of these boxes, forming your content to more of a question and answer form will give you a spot in those boxes as well.

Google will run their algorithm to post the similar questions based on your content’s questions and the one originally queried.

YouTube, People Also Ask (PAA Results)

How To Optimize Your Website For People Also Ask?

When writing your content, it’s great practice to create an FAQ page to accomplish with exactly this in mind.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the strategies that our SEO agency uses to promote content of our clients.

Even if your question is linked to an anchor text just to jump to a different section within your website, Google will recognize this as relatable questioning.

When creating your content, it’s good practice to optimize your website pages to follow the following criteria:

  1. Create in-depth content with many related questions
  2. At the very top of the page, create an index of links to jump to the section where each
    question is presented with the answer below.
  3. With each question and answer, you will enjoy the exposure of
    • Getting featured in the “People Who Ask” section
    • Get additional mini-site links to your search snippet

The Benefits Of Ask The People Featured Snippet

Utilizing Google’s related question box has added benefits to your website.

Firstly, you’ll drive more organic traffic to your website by offering more information on the topic the user is searching for.

Secondly, your website will become an authority by becoming a chosen site for answers to most common questions throughout Google.

The People Who Ask featured snippet should help with your overall marketing strategy and website and through running through trial and error through Google’s complex algorithm, you will achieve success.

Digital marketers and internet marketing experts take advantage of People Also Ask to give them idea of topics to write about.

Your website will be destined to become a true authority for many related questions online.

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