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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click marketing takes your brand beyond the limitations of organic traffic building and instantly generates leads in a cost-effective manner. Through expert-level PPC management, you can maximize your investment while making use of the top paid search advertising strategy. Get your website listed at the top of Google search results without having to wait for SEO to build!

Reach audience

Through PPC, target your ads and marketing to a relevant audience. Segment by age, geo-location, sex, and more. As a campaign is going on, one can continue to refine the search and eliminate searches which aren’t beneficial. All the while, this is continuing to make your PPC campaign more efficient and to keep it going in the right direction.

Drive the right traffic

When someone clicks a Pay Per Click ad, you know they’re interested. Therefore, the users you receive to your site are more likely to be ready to buy into your brand. There’s no better way to receive relevant web traffic than this!

Generate quality leads

If your conversion rates are low, it might be because you’re chasing after the wrong leads. Through effective PPC marketing, you’re getting your website in front of interested buyers who are ready to connect.

Get traffic instantly

You don’t need to wait months for Pay Per Click to generate a return. You get your investment back instantly as you pay only when a user clicks. For as much as you’re willing to invest in a PPC marketing campaign, the results could be sizeable.

Attract engaged traffic

No one is going to click an ad because they’re not interested in the product or service being sold. They’re clicking because they want to learn more and connect. Here’s your opportunity to turn an interested prospect into a long-term customer!

Increase awareness

PPC gets your name out there in the local marketplace immediately using retargeting ads. As a brand, this helps with establishing authority, procures leads, improves sales, and provides you with a fast way to make an impact and begin to see those revenues come in.

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Our Strong Points

Pay per click advertising overseen by All the Way Up Media allows us to use advanced strategies to make adjustments depending on how a campaign is going and to evaluate a campaign’s success always seeking the best result.

Through extensive keyword research, we’ll ensure every cent you invest in Pay Per Click is done smartly. Get the most bang for your buck with an infrastructure that circumvents the usual traditional marketing model of paying for ad space.

The beauty of PPC is you only when you someone clicks! Should a campaign perform below expectation, you don’t have to pay for clicks you don’t receive. And, not to worry, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to ensure you receive the most optimum results from Pay Per Click.

Comparing campaigns with competitors and industry trends, we’ll select the best strategy for a client to win bids on high-traffic keywords. Help guide relevant traffic from your PPC advertising to your site through high-performance digital marketing strategy and analytics. Upon arrival, we’ll have designed a strong, engaging landing page with CTAs, images, video, and conversion-friendly web design to turn a prospect into a customer.

  • Reach audience
  • Drive the right traffic
  • Generate quality leads
  • Get traffic instantly
  • Attract engaged traffic
  • Increase awareness


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We Are An SEO Agency That Work For Your Business!

Pay Per Click is about testing and trying different strategies. Though one can recommend a strategy which is likely to generate a big return, until it’s out there and performing, you don’t know how it will fare in reality. For this reason, once we set up a campaign, we let Google and Bing guide it, learning from what’s working and what isn’t. We will then make the necessary adjustments along the way to provide you with optimum results, day-in and day-out.

PPC advertising can be altered again and again, edited and improved along the way to generate more leads, conversions, and sales than you’ve ever dreamed of. The potential is unlimited! A clearly targeted marketing plan is a necessity though to keep your strategy grounded. Let us work with you to find the best strategy and create a customized digital marketing and internet marketing company plan for your business, dedicating time, effort, and investment in the most optimized way possible. Choose All the Way Up Media today to help manage your PPC marketing and see the benefits of Pay Per Click yourself!

Local Services By Google

Google has created a great way for businesses to take advantage of the search engine world. It’s called Google Local Services and will revolutionize web marketing for your business websiteIn order to apply for Local Services By Google, a business must have an existing Google My Business account.

All the Way up Media will help you with the Google Local Services registration and create your account gathering the necessary documents to get started. We’ll help you define the types of products and services you offer and want to receive. We’ll also help set up details such as locations and areas of business. Once completed, our writers will create thought-provoking ads that will appear above the organic search results attracting attention and highlighting incentives, so customers click on your link. Our team will ensure campaigns are running efficiently by monitoring leads so they’re coming from the right places. 

Be prepared to increase your revenue and create more buzz with sustainable leads to grow your business!

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