What Are Retargeting Ads

What Are Retargeting Ads?

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What Are Retargeting Ads?

Retargeting ads are a form of pay per click management and they are relevant image advertisements a user might see when visiting other websites after visiting yours. These ads occur after one has visited a website and serve as a reminder to the user of the website they recently visited. Website users will often visit a website with the intention of purchasing or perusing a site and for various reasons, will leave the website.

What Happens Next?

When users leave a website, it could be to visit a competitor, the user wasn’t interested or simply shut the browser window down to move on to the next item on their list. What retargeting ads do is to gently remind the user of the website they visited – and specifically sometimes to inform the user of their abandoned cart or the item they searched for – and get the user to come back to the website to complete their purchase.

According to Instapage, 96% of website users that come to your website are not ready to buy. This means sometimes a website owner needs to add a little pressure on the user sometimes in order to complete the sale.

Retargeting ads works across all platforms and apps and is presented in image form to give users a visual of what they’ve visited in the past.

For marketers and website owners, retargeting ads can be a godsend. Gently “reminding” users about what they’re missing from their website is a great way to remind users about the wonderful things users might’ve missed after they’ve left.

Another good way this benefits website owners is the ability to target the different segmented groups they can earmark. This will allow for creating a relevant experience for each group based on behaviors and traits and how to target them accordingly. It gives marketers an insight into their different groups and how they visit websites and provide different ways to target those users correctly and in a way that speaks to them individually.

Simply visiting your website is a great indicator of the user’s interest in your business and website and judging by the different sections they end up will give you more of an indication of their online tendencies.

Retargeting Ads

Why is retargeting Ads effective for your business?

By keeping your business front and center to your audience, it will bring those prospective customers interested and more likely to return as a customer.

Every time an ad is viewed by a customer, your brand gains more awareness and traction and can increase a website owner’s click-through rate and can ultimately convert those users into customers.

Retargeting ads cost per click is very low. Generally, the cost per click is only a few cents. If the user did not click on the ad, the advertiser is not paying for the impression. This form of pay per click marketing is considerably inexpensive.

How does retargeting Ads work?

The web browser utilizes “cookies” which is a small piece of data stored from the website information that will remember the users that visited your website or ad.

Marketers can use this information and show relevant ads based on the different data obtained.

It will show a common interest in your brand and products and increase the brand awareness of your company.

Retargeting allows them to be reminded of their time on your website and the products or services you sell.

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Different forms of retargeting Ads

There are different forms of retargeted advertising and each has its own pros and cons.

Behavioral targeting is targeting the audience based on the different actions that the users take. This form of retargeting is most typical and will target those that have already visited your website. The way it works is that once the user is on another similar type page, your ad will appear – be it a product or a service.

The other form of targeting is contextual which means that the target audience will be based on the relevance of the other websites. Marketers use this approach to expand their reach through other relevant websites. The content related to their website will help the marketer utilize their website as another avenue back to their website.

Retargeting Ads Best Practices

The most effective way to truly retarget is to have a campaign tailored towards segmented groups of people and different messaging and images to display to them.

Every segment can be sent different messages and specific calls-to-action and ultimately have different effects on each of your different user groups’ experiences.

Once your users are engaged, they start to recognize your brand’s overall message and through careful nudging, a user can convert – which is the end result you are looking for!

More importantly, you’ve specified exactly what the user is looking for and didn’t group them in an email that might seem too general or non-specific to what they were browsing for in the first place. When users feel like they are being spoken to and companies are catering to their needs, is when they become the most susceptible to convert.

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Display Ads Banner Sizes

We’ve listed standard display ad sizes in pixels. All banner ads must be no larger than 150KB in file size .

250 x 250 – Square
200 x 200 – Small square
468 x 60 – Banner
728 x 90 – Leaderboard
300 x 250 – Inline rectangle
336 x 280 – Large rectangle
120 x 600 – Skyscraper
160 x 600 – Wide skyscraper
300 x 600 – Half-Page ad
970 x 90 – Large leaderboard

Display Ads Banner Sizes For Mobile

300 x 50 – Mobile banner
320 x 50 – Mobile banner
320 x 100 – Large mobile banner

Retargeting Means More Exposure

Like so many things as a marketer and a website owner, retargeting ads are just another way to convert potential users into customers.

In this wide open online world, where each website owner is trying to outdo the next one, getting a leg up by being more in the face of users can actually give your website an edge. Giving your website an edge turns into more conversions, which in turn, create more sales, which is ultimately what every website owner wants.

For more information on how to achieve a great retargeting strategy, get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to get you set up right away!

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