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SEO Competitor Analysis

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When trying to inch up the search engine rankings on platforms like Google, some websites struggle to outrank their competition. After all, everyone is vying for first place and yet only one web page will get there.

With most sites employing a keyword-driven SEO strategy, this means you have to be very competitive to succeed. SEO competitor analysis is just the resource you may need to help lift you up past your nearest competition.

Competitor analysis is nothing new. It’s been done for years. In fact, chances are all of your top-ranking competitors got there in part because of the strength of their competitor analysis and what they did with it afterward.

As your SEO experts, All The Way Up Media provides SEO competitor analysis to all of our clients. Evaluate and analyze the competition. Uncover valuable insights that can be applied to your search engine optimization strategies.

What Is SEO Competitor Analysis?

SEO competitor analysis researches your most relevant competition to see how their digital marketing is performing.

Aspects of their marketing strategy we can comprehensively analyze include their keywords, content, and backlink strategy.

Why SEO Competitor Analysis Is Important

Your most successful competitors are clearly doing something right.

Those strategies and tactics are, in all likelihood, nothing extraordinarily unique and can potentially be duplicated, altered, or challenged by your website with your SEO strategy.

You may be competing with hundreds of websites displaying content similar to yours. All are fighting to rank the highest. In the name of achieving the highest search engine rank possible, a competitor analysis has three purposes:

  • Replicate winning strategies, adapting them to your website.
  • Capitalize on weaknesses that we uncover in a competitor’s digital marketing.
  • Compare your current SEO performance against theirs.

The better you know your competition, the better your optimization will likely be. It also doesn’t hurt to compare your strategy to theirs and see how it measures up. This will tell you so much about how your optimization is progressing and whether it’s earning you real results or not.

Why is SEO Competitive Analysis Important
Why is SEO Competitive Analysis Important

Four Key Parts Of Competitor Analysis

  • Keyword analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical analysis

Ideally, these analyses are going to tell you everything you need to know about a competitor’s content, code, and credibility. These three Cs can inform you on how to move forward with your website to make your content more directly relevant to specific search terms and a specific user base.

How Competitor Analysis From Our Experts Can Redefine Your SEO

Identify Competitors Trying To Rank For Your Keywords

Find your best competitors on search engines for the precise keyword strategy you have.

Oftentimes, your competitors will be the websites offering similar products and services, competing for the same users, and/or offering similar information to what is found on your website. Please note that many businesses are surprised to learn their biggest competition in SEO may be different from their brick-and-mortar competitors.

Effectively Close Keyword Gaps To Bring In More Traffic And Leads

A keyword gap is the distance between the keywords you’re targeting and the keywords your competitors have chosen. It demonstrates the keywords your competition are ranking for but that you’re not.

There may be opportunities in these gaps to create more qualified leads. At All The Way Up Media, we accomplish this by optimizing existing content and creating new pages for keywords you don’t yet have on your website.

See What Keywords Your Competition Is Losing Rank For

There are a lot of reasons a site may give up a keyword or lose its rank. Regardless of why, if you uncover lost keyword rankings, it may serve as an opportunity to optimize your website for them if they match your search intent.

That said, this requires SEO keyword research to determine whether a given keyword is worth aiming for.

Find New Keywords Your Competitors Are Trying To Rank For

A competitor may be coming for a keyword you do well on or they may be targeting new keywords you aren’t aware of. New keywords can provide insight into new directions, new user behavior, and help inspire new content.

To reinforce your position on these keywords, we can utilize strategies such as creating blog posts, product pages, category pages, and more.

Discover What Type Of Content Is Getting The Most Clicks

SEO competitor research will tell you what the best-performing pages are, highlighting what type of content is driving traffic.

As we dig deeper into content marketing, we can prepare for you a content strategy optimized to what is already working in search. Content quality matters an immense amount when it comes to utilizing your competitor analysis. We can provide guidance in terms of how to write it, if images and video are needed, whether infographics may be a way to go to enhance to user experience, and other key decisions that support premium, authoritative content. No out-of-date content. No keyword stuffing. No thin content.

Improve Your Site Authority’s With A More Effective Strategy

Site authority refers to the quality of your site in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Any website should aim to improve its authority over time.

At All The Way Up Media, we do this in several phases, including building high-quality backlinks which will help identify your site as trustworthy and authentic. Many other factors also play a role in improving site authority, such as publishing expert-level content, site age and history, user experience (UX), E-E-A-T signals, and positive user signals.

Analyze A Competitor’s Backlinks

Compare the backlinks a competitor has, in terms of how authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy those websites are. Just like there are keyword gaps, you will find backlink gaps where, with higher quality content, you may be able to take some of those backlinks from the competition or gain similar backlinks from prospects.

Analyze A Competitor’s Featured Snippets

With competitor analysis, our SEO experts can dig into a competitor’s featured snippets and try to win them over to your website using a variety of techniques.

Schema markup can help reframe certain aspects of your content, creating FAQs, sharing contact information, and properly presenting reviews and ratings among other key elements of web design for features on search engines.

Analyze A Competitors Featured Snippets
Analyze A Competitors Featured Snippets

More Of What You Can Discover With SEO Competitor Analysis

  • How keywords are integrated into competitors’ title tags.
  • How competitors use meta descriptions, in terms of what’s working or what isn’t.
  • Competitors’ URL structure and how keywords are utilized here as well.
  • How their content is structured, if it’s high quality content, and if they cover similar topics to you.

Enhance Technical SEO Using Competitor Analysis As A Guideline

Improve UX, Or User Experience

Your user experience may see indirect benefits when we improve the quality of your content based on competitor analysis.

Improve Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are metrics that are used to judge user experience โ€“ speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a web page. These scores may improve as well depending on how the competitor analysis report is used.

Mobile Responsiveness

Checking how your competitors’ sites are performing on mobile, we can make sure your site is outfitted the same. The team at All The Way Up Media can resolve any issue your website may have with mobile responsiveness.

How Often SEO Competitor Analysis Should Be Performed

The landscape is always shifting in search engine rankings. Nothing is forever. Sites rise and fall every day.

It’s best to perform an SEO competitor analysis every month to give yourself a full picture of where you are at in your campaign and to benchmark that against competing websites. That said, when you do competitor analysis can vary according to the size of your niche, how many competitors you’re tracking, and when an algorithm update has occurred.

All The Way Up Media Offers In-Depth SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis in SEO is key to ensuring you’re doing everything you can to advance your online marketing goals.

Our team at All The Way Up Media can provide you with advanced competitor research, pinpointing precisely why others rank above you and providing actionable data on what is required of your website if you want to rank in higher positions on search engines.

As we monitor your competitors over the long-term, we can assist in shifting you into higher positions on conversion-friendly keywords. This means more exposure, more brand awareness, more leads, and more conversions which leads to sales, revenues, and ultimately profits.

At a more technical level, while we can’t go into every aspect of SEO competitor analysis, a large part of our reporting for clients outlines top keywords that others are using, content strategies, potential traffic sources, and more.

Using a comprehensive approach to SEO and applying our insights to your website, we can aid in driving more traffic, chasing more profitable keywords, and ultimately attaining better positioning through organic search.

Let our SEO experts be your ultimate partner.

Contact All The Way Up Media for more information on how competitor analysis can help you match and outcompete your rivals.

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