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Updating Old Content To Boost Traffic

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Updating Old Content To Rank Higher On Search Engines

Is your website ready for an uptick in traffic and increased ranking on Google and search engines with an update to old content? A less-known search engine optimization strategy we found that not only is super simple but will also help propel your website to the top of the search engines!

A common way to increase traffic to your website is, of course, content creation and the philosophy of more content, the more avenues to your website.

Yes, content is paramount to a high ranking on Google, but we’ve discovered another avenue that can help garner more hits and a higher ranking for your website.

It involves writing and more content creation but with far more ease and outstanding results.

It’s called updating old blog posts and it can make your blog or your website soar to the top of the search engines.

The old content updating process on Google

A factor to your website or blog slowly sliding down the ranking on Google could be its freshness or better put: it’s dated, or old.

The beauty of the web is its open nature in that content can be changed frequently and on the fly. By updating your already high-ranking content that sits on your website or blog, you’ll be able to give it that extra “kick” and give it a fresh new look.

Minor changes or updates can make all the difference and by notifying Google of your changes, you’ll be rewarded for the relatively low amount of work required.

There are many benefits to improving on your old pieces of content, first and foremost the holy grail: a higher ranking on Google.

Updating Old Content to Rank Higher on Search Engines

Here are a few benefits your website can enjoy after you’ve improved the content ever so slightly:

  1. Showcasing to Google that you have fresh, new content
    It will come as no surprise that Google appreciates new content and rewards as such. With quick editing and the ability to update topics for each post, you’ll allow Google to reindex your pages and garner better results for your older posts

    Think of it as a revival of sorts – where you’ve refreshed content that was already pertinent and viable for your viewership. You’ve now given it new meaning and repurposed it as fresh new content.

    By leaving your old articles or blog posts, you’re in essence leaving it in the dust allowing it to sink further down the abyss that is the world wide web.

    By giving your content a fresh new look and modified content, you’ll allow it to get fresh eyes and will be seen as new content across all web platforms.
  2. Improve on your website’s clickthrough rate
    When you do a Google search for anything, you’ll find that the top results garnered will almost always be within the past 12 months.

    For the online world, things move very quickly and that might mean your article or blog post is simply outdated or considered old. The content you’ve written about a few months ago may not make sense or has passed its prime in terms of viability and pertinence. Simply on preference, most users would rather read an article that came out more recently than one published, say 10 years ago.

    By updating your content, you’ve given the post a renewal of sorts and have updated its “expiration date” if you will. Giving it a more fresh, modern feel will convince more readers to click on your article simply due to when it was posted – or in this case, when it was updated.

    But it doesn’t just start at the date of your content. Common tips, like writing compelling headlines and even more captivating descriptions, you’ll allow the user to catch a glimpse of the wonders that is in your post.

    By making subtle updates to your heading, description, and of course, the content, you’ll allow more readers to get a fresh new view on the topic you’ve blogged about.
  3. Improve the value of your post by removing broken links
    A great way to improve your ranking is by removing broken or dead links on your website. Already a good practice to go through your website and fix mistakes, having your links correctly linked can go a long way to getting your posts improved.

    By showing Google that you’ve taken care of any broken links, it will eliminate any penalties your website may have incurred as a result. Thankfully, there’s an easy tool online that can help with all broken links and it’s called the Broken Link Checker.

    By having broken links, Google pushes your content down the rankings and will have your post lost in a shuffle of millions. An easy-to-use tool can go a long way to making sure your content is properly linked, which is a big proponent in SEO.

    Another good tool is the Chrome extension called Broken Link Checker. Right from your browser, you can see broken links that have popped up on your website. By giving your posts a needed boost, it also allows for small cleanups such as link reviews and this can go a long way towards a high ranking!
  4. Fixing spelling mistakes and grammar
    Not high on Google’s list of importance, but certainly an embarrassing faux pas a blog writer, is incorrect spelling or grammar. As mentioned above, by having compelling content for your users to read, your Google ranking goes up exponentially. By giving your readers a strong reading experience, you’ll get them to come back to your website for more related posts.

    When you make the decision to edit your older content, you’ve also given yourself a chance to change any mistakes your post may have wrought. Giving your post a much-needed boost through fixing small mistakes will give your blog a slight, but overall powerful push forward.
Fixing spelling mistakes and grammar
Fixing spelling mistakes and grammar
  1. Improving your website’s accuracy
    As mentioned above, updated and accurate content on your website will help improve your website’s ranking and certainly, its accuracy will tell Google your post has vastly improved.

    By indicating on your post that you’ve made adjustments also shows your reader that you’re willing to make the necessary changes and that will make your website more trustworthy. When you make your edits, it shows your readers that you’re willing to go back and make the necessary changes to ensure its accuracy
  2. Improve content with updated multimedia
    A common way to improve on your content is the inclusion of multimedia and new videos that have come to light since you originally posted it. A common rule of thumb is to have 350 words per image on your posts and by going through your old posts and adding more pertinent imagery and videos, it will improve the ranking in that fashion.

    Even if your posts do feature images, when you modify them with fresher, updated images, it gives the page a whole new feel as well. When you first created your post, there are times when a certain image, audio clip or easy-to-follow video was not available at the time. Giving your posts new visuals will make them more engaging for your audience and will improve your Google ranking.
  3. Optimizing the right keywords for your article
    When you first posted your article, your intentions might have been different on what you were looking to achieve with the post. With the content in dire need of an upgrade, perhaps upgrading the keywords to get it properly optimized is also a solution you can come to when redoing your posts.

    When you do keyword research on which words work best for your posts, more modern words may have come to light that you’d like to target. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can give you the best results in ranking and traffic!
  4. Updating your website design
    When you refresh your website with a new design and color scheme, it will make Google give you a higher priority due to the update. Simply put, when you make major overhauls that will improve the way the site looks and in turn, how your readers respond to the new design with a favorable user experience, it can make all the difference. Conversely, if your website hasn’t been updated in a very long time, it can also cause Google to possibly penalize for that as well.

    A neat trick even though your content hasn’t technically changed, it will give the illusion to Google and your website will rewarded thereof.
  5. Linking to newer, more robust resources
    When looking to improve your content, adding new more pertinent links to the post can help improve the post’s ranking in a strong way. When you go back to your content pieces, you’ll give them a needed boost by linking to higher ranking websites.

    This can also be an opportune time to link to other, high ranking internal links within your own website. Interlinking to other related topics will also give your post a great enhancement! You’ll bring your old posts up to date and back to life by linking to higher ranking resources both within your website and out.
  6. Other Google fixes and re-promoting your “new content”
    Another way to gain improvement on your posts is to adjust any new Google updates you may have missed on when you first posted it. When you go into your content and make all your necessary changes, make sure to re-promote it on social media for optimal viewing. When your viewers last saw your post, it was dated and had older imagery or media. Now that it’s improved, show it off to the world proudly!

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In conclusion

If you’re looking for quick ways to help improve your website’s search engine optimization, look no further than your own content!

You can make subtle changes to the content, update the imagery, fix any backlinks and polish it so it’s more modern and fresh and your website will be rewarded handsomely!

As you’re making changes, make sure you’ve checked off all of Google’s requirements, new and old, reconfigure your keywords and update any links should it be required.

Once you’ve polished it and it’s all ready to go, make sure the world sees the new value you’ve put into your post and how it can be relevant now more than ever!

See how SEO can grow your business.

Neil Patel, Updating On Content To Get More SEO Traffic

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Updating old content, will keep your website fresh and help boost your SEO ranking!

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