Chrome Plugins That Are Time Saving for Gmail

Chrome Plugins That Are Time-Saving For Gmail

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We all know that email is vital to our day-to-day business dealings. They are a seemingly endless string of communication we have to deal with. Some emails we look forward to receiving; others go directly to the spam folder. But like it or not, your email account is likely here to stay.

You can streamline your email communications with some very simple add-ons, to help get rid of some of your email headaches. A great resource for these is the Chrome Web Store, where you can find many Chrome plugins that can greatly enhance your productivity in Gmail. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones.

1. DocHub.

When you need to work with a PDF file, here is a very useful and versatile plugin that allows you to open and edit the PDF right from your Gmail. You can fill in fields, sign the doc, and save the new version for your reply or records. Doc Hub helps to streamline and simplify your workflow. You will find it indispensable if you work a lot with PDF files. Visit Doc Hub website.

Here’s a handy little plugin that allows you to schedule your emails so they arrive exactly when you want them to. If the recipient is in a different time zone, for example, you can get your email to them exactly when they need it. You can also track your emails – as they say: “See who opens and clicks your emails in Gmail”. Keep in mind, the features are quite limited unless you subscribe.

Visit Right Inbox website.

3. Send From Gmail.

With this add-on, you can easily send content from pages you are browsing by simply click on the Gmail symbol that appears at the top of your browser. All you have to do is add the email you want the page sent to, and Send from Gmail does the rest. It’s a really handy timesaver.

Visit Send From Gmail on Chrome Web Store.

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4. Dropbox for Gmail

You’re probably familiar with how useful Dropbox can be for sending large files and groups of files. With this plugin, you will have the capability to add a Dropbox button to Gmail Compose. This allows you to seamlessly share large files in email. It’s also a great way to save space inside your Inbox at the same time.

Visit Dropbox for Gmail on Chrome Web Store.

Dropbox For Gmail

5. G. Notifier

This is a great way to manage multiple email accounts. With the G. Notifier plugin, you’ll have lightning-fast access to email from all your Gmails. It supports multiple Google accounts and even allows, by way of installing scripts, notifications from other sources, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Visit G. Notifier on Chrome Web Store.


6. Ad-blocker for Gmail

Indispensable if you are sick and tired of ads in your Gmail. The screen is expanded where the advertising would have been; the ads at the bottom are eliminated, including the bottom of the conversation. Ad-blocker for Gmail allows you to clean up your screen and concentrate on the work at hand.

Visit Ad-blocker for Gmail on Chrome Web Store.

Ad-Blocker For Gmail

7. GMass

Here is a great way for an email marketer to create powerful mail merges right in Gmail. You’ll be able to send mass emails to thousands of addresses. Data from Google Sheets is used to create the merges, using the fields and information you select. Mailings can be scheduled for later delivery. GMass also allows you to track opens and clicks. A nice feature is that emails can be sent as replies to the last conversation had with each recipient. It’s versatile, vital to the serious email marketer.

Visit GMass on Chrome Web Store.

8. Simplify Gmail

This plugin was made by an ex Google employee, with the end in mind of making Gmail more easy, capable and respectful. Sometimes it takes an outsider (with inside experience and know-how) to make improvements like these. The focus is on the content that matters to you, and includes a redesign of reading pane, settings, and keyboard shortcuts overlay. It allows you to tuck away the features you never use, further cleaning up your Gmail, and hopefully, your productivity.

Visit Simplify Gmail on Chrome Web Store.

Simplify Gmail

9. Checker Plus for Gmail

It has over a million users worldwide. Checker Plus allows you to get notifications, read, and delete emails without opening Gmail. Voice notifications are also available. A very fast way to manage multiple email accounts, Checker Plus for Gmail gets great reviews, and has great support.

Visit Checker Plus for Gmail on Chrome Web Store.

10. Mailtrack

Another versatile email tracker for Gmail, Mailtrack claims over 1.5 million users worldwide. You’ll be able to see which of your emails have been read, with notifications for “hot conversations” and follow-up reminders. You’ll be able to stop asking if your colleagues have read your emails, because you will already know. Mailtrack can be used in many applications, such as:

  • Job search
  • Quotes
  • Lead chasing
  • Invoice tracking
  • Etc.

Visit Mailtrack on Chrome Web Store.

These are just a few of the plugins for Gmail that can make your email experience more streamlined, more productive, and more satisfying.

The Chrome Web Store has them and many more for you to check out. In this hyper-competitive business world, a plugin or two or three for your Gmail accounts may be just the thing that gives you the edge.

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