This article focuses on useful Chrome plugins (browser by Google) for Gmail. An email is an important tool for communication. For me, email is vital to communicate with my clients on a daily basis. They work wonderfully with my Gmail account and I listed them below:

1) Chrome Plugins – Doc Hub.

Do you ever need to edit or sign a PDF and send it by email? There is another Chrome plugin called Doc Hub. You can open a PDF easily sign it, date it, or fill out fields. Once you’re done making changes either save it to your computer or send it to anyone from your Doc Hub repository. This is very handy.

Visit Doc Hub website.

doc hub

2) Chrome Plugins – Right Inbox for Gmail.

Right Inbox is a free Chrome plugin for Gmail. It is useful and a powerful feature and use can use it to schedule an email to be sent later, add a reminder email and schedule a recurring email that is sent on a regular basis. After you download the plugin from Chrome you will notice a bar with the features at the bottom of the page when you’re writing an email. The feature is limited to a certain amount and if it’s reached you’d need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

Visit Right Inbox website.

Right Inbox extension in Chrome for Gmail

3) Chrome Plugins – Send From Gmail.

Often, I find myself looking for information online to send to clients. Recently, I found that there’s a plugin for that too. When you download the plugin to Chrome the email Symbol appears at the top of the browser. When you are browsing online and want to send the link to someone you can simply click on the Gmail symbol and it launches Gmail with the link already copied in it. You add the email you want to send the link to and click send. That simple!

Visit Send From Gmail on Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Plugins - Send This Link With Gmail - extension in Chrome for Gmail

There is a lot more good and time-saving Chrome plugins and the plugins that are listed in this article are ones that I use all the time. While that being said, I highly suggest to spend some time and explore the Google Chrome store more plugins that might be helpful for the kind of work that you do.

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