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Web Design Questionnaire

Onboarding New Clients

Please answer the following questions to your best ability

Do you already have a domain?

What domain extension would you like?

What features do you need for your website?

Do you have a logo?

Would you like us to design your logo?

What is the purpose of the website?

Do you have a colour theme in mind?

Is there a specific look and feel that you are looking for on the website?

Will you be providing the content for each page?

Would you like us to write the content for you?

Would you like to have a blog on the website?

Do you have already articles that you would like to add to the website?

Would you like users to comment on blog posts?

Is your business already on Google Maps or Bing Maps?

Will you need hosting to store your website files?

Will you need any of the following services once the website is completed?

Do you have clients reviews or recommendations that we can add to the website?

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