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So you’re about to launch a website for your business. You’ve got a professional logo and graphic design ready to use, product or service descriptions written up, and social media accounts reserved. For many entrepreneurs at this stage, something they haven’t considered is web hosting services.

Why Are Web Hosting Services Important For Your Business?

Choosing professional web hosting services is a smart move for any person with a website as it ensures your website’s speed and content delivery is going to be optimized. Why to hire a web hosting service like All the Way Up Media is because of the care we take in service delivery. These are a few of the reasons why our clients rely on us for their hosting needs.

1.   24-7 assistance

If there’s ever a problem with your website loading, All the Way Up provides 24/7 support on all hosting services. Receive help instantly and get your site fixed, in the event that there are any issues – from a breach in security or a plug-in that hasn’t been installed correctly.

2.   Strong Website Security

Companies which provide hosting services like ours implement strong security practices. Suspicious activity or hacking attempts are easily identified and resolved in a timely fashion. Frequent updates on software also guards against security threats.

website security


3.   Your website will be faster

When a visitor clicks on your site, it shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 seconds to load. A professional hosting service like ours relies on localized servers which means a fast loading speed. Another benefit to a faster loading speed is that it helps with SEO, ensuring you rank nice and high on search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

4.   99% uptime

Your site’s uptime is the amount of time it’s online, working well, and accessible to users. Through professional hosting services with All the Way Up Media, your guaranteed uptime is 99% minimum. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your site has the support it needs to be readily accessible any time day or night.

web hosting up time

5.   Better recovery options

The world’s most secure websites still experience security breaches no matter how hard they’ve attempted to protect themselves. Should a hacker infiltrate your website or should your data be erased in some way, a hosting service like ours schedules regular back-ups. Therefore, we can save time and stress by ensuring you never lose data.

6.   Easy scalability

If your website grows over time, we can scale you up to a better hosting arrangement ensuring your web traffic, the data stored on site, and your business growth is not negatively impacted being locked into a hosting plan that no longer meets your needs.

Let us help you set up your server, handle SSL installation, assist with WordPress installation and support, and ensure you have a fast, local server for hosting in Canada and the US. As important as it is to have your website stand out from the competition, if you’re not working with professional hosting services, you’re at a disadvantage. To learn more about web hosting services, Contact an internet marketing company today.


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