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Web Hosting

Fast local web hosting will help your site performance, increase SEO, add security, and comes complete with regular back-ups.

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As website design and internet marketing company professionals, we can say there’s a lot of value placed on where and how your site is hosted. Choose from different web hosting packages, enabling you with the website hosting services you want and not having to pay for what you don’t need.

Server Setup

A web design hosting expert will oversee the server setup for your website, complete with email accounts and email support included. Enjoy a secure web hosting platform that’s built for speed.

SSL Instillation

SSL helps to strengthen website security and is necessary when a site is transferring customer data, such as taking payments.

WordPress installation

In addition to your hosting services, we’ll ensure WordPress has been set up and installed properly. Through WordPress, a website has thousands of 1-click plugins installs that can be supported through our servers and which allow your site to function magnificently.

Fast servers

Using local hosting services in Canada and the US impacts the speed of a website. Using one of our servers, you can expect no less than 99% uptime. Be provided with fast Internet connections, adequate server resources, and more.

Website security

As an add-on to your web hosting services, we’ll scan your website on a regular basis and remove any malware which may be present. This will keep your site clean and ready for users to peruse.


We will back up your website on a regular basis to ensure it can be easily restored in the event of any server issues. A comprehensive back-up protects your platform, retaining everything you’ve built, published, or marketed on your site.

Web Hosting

Our Strong Points

As important as it is to have strong content and a visually appealing web design, what ties it all together is strong, reliable, and local web hosting and server support.

Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs require high quality, local web hosting services to successfully build, grow, and publish their websites. In order to have WordPress, email, Google Analytics, and a versatile, powerful website on your hands, the right hosting services are imperative.

Speaking to a web design and hosting expert, we’ll identify the right hosting plan for what you need your site to do and we will take care of everything for you. Any email issues or site problems, that’s on us to proactively find and resolve.

For small, personal websites, a simple web hosting plan doesn’t have to be expensive. For small business websites, our hosting services can contribute a lot in faster page loading, more simultaneous traffic to your site, and is a great choice for WordPress.

For medium-to-large sized businesses, enjoy the benefits of larger email servers, eCommerce website solution support, and more dynamic web design. Also, through our hosting services, we supply 24/7 server support which means you always have someone to call or contact in the event of a website issue.

  • Server Setup
  • SSL Instillation
  • WordPress Instillation
  • Fast Servers
  • Website Security
  • Website Backups
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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

As a client, you deserve the absolute best in web design and hosting. Let us walk you through the process of building a site while providing the hosting support you need to ensure your users and customers receive the highest level of website performance. See improved performance with highly optimized web servers customized to your website’s unique needs. Using local data centres, we’ll also improve load times and improve SEO.

A website that requires more resources to deliver an optimized user experience will require a higher hosting plan which has the power to allocate the appropriate resources. Assuming one remains on a lower-tier hosting plan and demands more resource support, this will slow down site performance. Thereby, a larger hosting plan becomes a necessity for resource-heavy sites.

A beautiful website that helps you succeed online should be paired with the right hosting. Through our resources, we have the flexibility, support, and commitment to ensure your every website support need is met.

Needless to say, choosing All the Way Up Media, we’ll ensure you get the greatest value from your hosting. Combined with other services we offer, receive all this under the same roof from an expert you can trust. You won’t need to worry about a thing as we will manage your web design and hosting from top to bottom.

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