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Website Audit

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What is website audit?

Any business looking to create a bigger online presence or develop a stronger digital footprint starts with a website audit.

A website audit will help businesses understand where their website problems are architecturally and is a good way to learn where you can improve your website in a number of different ways.

A website audit process will include gauging results in your website’s health, the overall user experience and engagement, as well as the website’s functionality, performance and the traffic the website sees over time.

The discoveries found in a website audit will often be the penalties incurred from Google as a result of vulnerabilities in your website and how best to correct these penalties, so you can be assured of a higher Google search ranking.

The discoveries can also unearth issues with your website, like broken links or duplicate content and how best to tackle those issues one by one.

Website Audit Breakdown

A website audit can be broken down into a few parts, each having its own level of importance and pertinence to your overall online presence.

Website Health Audit

What a site health audit does is assess the overall architecture and the usability of a website.

It will break down any structural issues or potential gaps in your website, as well as speed issues that might be incurred as a result.

In short, a site health audit will ensure there are no broken links or holes and will maintain that the structure of your website is sound and user-friendly.

Website Audit

Social Media Presence Audit

Exactly as it sounds, the social media audit will assess your social media presence across all platforms online.

A burgeoning part of any company’s online presence, the social media portion has become an integral part of any business’ online plan.

Through calculated strategy, a great social media scheme will garner more leads, more hits and increase a business’ online visibility and engagement.

It will allow the company to engage with the general public and create more content and avenues for users to visit their website.

A social media audit will give companies a fair assessment of their respective rankings and where they need some help.

The social media audit will include assessing blogs, videos and all social media profiles.

Website Security Audit

An often overlooked website task, a website’s security can mean the difference between a well-functioning, operational website to a hacked-down, weighted and often shut down website altogether.

A security audit will identify any vulnerabilities and any security breaches the website may have encountered.

Not only will it allow your website to run smoothly, but will protect all of your website’s important data and information collected throughout the years.

It will give your customers an assuredness that your website is running smoothly and any information given is never compromised.

Competitor website audit

Comparing your website against your rivals allows any website owner to get a leg up on their competition.

Understanding how you’re ranking against your biggest challengers will give you allowances on making all the necessary adjustments to your website so you can stay relevant.

The competitor audit opens up unique opportunities to gain more traction in certain areas and improve on your already steady rankings.

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Conversion rates and optimization audit

With useful information available through the audit, such as where the website conversions are lost and how to best optimize them, it will give your website the necessary tweaks it needs to remain at an optimal level.

The conversion rate audit will help optimize your landing pages and forms processes and how to guide your website towards better and more meaningful conversions.

Negative SEO audit

Oftentimes, a competitor will engage in harmful activities to damage their competition’s online presence.

This is done through negative campaigns that can take your competition down a notch while improving their ranking as a result.

By utilizing a negative SEO audit, you’ll be able to see and assess your company’s website and see where you’ve been affected negatively.

Duplicate content audit

As Google grows, so do its methodologies and algorithms to better serve the online community.

A growing issue online is the use of duplicate content on one’s website, resulting in unwanted penalties.

Although creating more content can be useful and is often used to create more pages or avenues for a business, it can also harm a website’s growth by having the same content on multiple pages.

The audit will assess which pages have duplicate content and will help you change up the content and make sure you don’t confuse your users or Google.

Penalty and Recovery audit

Having any negative effects on your website will always harm your website’s growth online.

Making sure to do a penalty audit so you can recover from these penalties and not have any hindrances on your digital growth, can go a long way.

By identifying those penalties through the audit, you’ll be able to give your website that much more of a boost.

Website Audit Toronto

Website Traffic

At All the Way Up Media, we can analyze where your website’s traffic is coming from – whether from Google, Bing, or from social media.

We’ll be able to see how many visitors have come to your website and through which keywords have brought the most traffic.

We’ll be able to assess whether these are the right keywords and where your keywords are currently ranking.

How businesses benefit from a complete website audit

Website audits can be an essential tool for your website to grow and create more business for your company.

Without understanding what vulnerabilities your website might be exposed to and how to properly assess and fix them can be the difference between a good ranking and a bad ranking.

Ensuring your website is well-positioned to give you the best avenues for increased business can only be achieved by doing a proper website audit that assesses all of the above.

Increasing website traffic, boosting your social media presence, correcting any problems or discrepancies on your website and getting them all adjusted will go a long way to your business’s overall reach and ranking.

We Can Help

All The Way Up Media is an digital marketing company that offers full website and online presence audits for your company and ensures that you are on the right track towards building a great digital footprint. Our SEO agency will give you comparisons against your competitors and tips on how to maintain your online presence successfully!

Contact us for a website audit to find out how your website is performing and what you need to reach the top.

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