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What We Do

The process of building a website has many components. Here are some of what we do when we put together a new website.


WordPress plays a big role in what we do because it allows you the chance to oversee website development in the long-term. WordPress is a CMS that can help you with regularly updating your site throughout the week, month, and year as you see fit.

Responsive Design

A responsive website design will ensure that your site adapts depending upon the platform it is being viewed on. For example, no matter if it’s a tablet, smartphone, another mobile device, laptop, or computer, your website needs to be responsive to optimize its presentation.

SEO On Page Optimization

Along with developing websites, we are an SEO agency.  SEO is essentially the act of getting your site ranked as high as is possible on search engines like Google. By using SEO techniques to build your web design, we can rank your site higher on Google and in doing so, will generate more qualified leads for your business.

Features Integration

Features such as chat, social media, maps, and forms among others can be embedded into your web design to keep consumers engaged and active. In our initial consultation process, we can discuss what features you want to include in your web design and what we feel would be most appropriate.

User Experience

UX is key to converting customers. Everything about your site should be optimized for the target audience, including colors, navigation, page designs, and the sitemap. By crafting a positive user experience, you can keep visitors on longer and will rank higher on search engines.

Custom Design

We begin by building a personalized web design that capitalizes on existing online technologies to optimize website performance and speed, and that helps you find your customers.

We Want To Work With You

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Our Strong Points

High quality web design is an integral part of having a strong online presence for your business. In today’s market, you need to stand out and your website can with customized, user-oriented, and SEO- friendly website design. All The Way Up Media’s web development team comes with years of experience in creating innovative web design solutions targeting business growth on-budget. We’re here to help in designing, developing, and integrating strategies to build the ultimate web design for you and your audience. As a full service web design and web development company, we’re experts at what we do. We’ll go above and beyond, and remain fully committed to working with you towards achieving all your business website goals. That’s why our clients stick with us.

  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Integration Of Unique Features
  • UX
  • WordPress Development

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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

We are a Toronto internet marketing company that builds a highly optimized, responsive websites that accurately reflects your business. Determine performance goals for your website, find more opportune ways to communicate your brand and begin developing your digital marketing and Internet Marketing Service outreach in a new way.

Look around, there are numerous designer tools available to help you build your own website. If you have already have a basic knowledge of web design you could try Google Web Designer. Those with less experience in web design, you could go with Wix.

You know we want your business so you might be asking, why are we mentioning these platforms – because in some instances, they do provide benefit. That said, websites that offer a free website builder charge a monthly fee and there are many limitations that come with that monthly fee.

When you choose to work with us, we let you do what you do best which is run your business. Through our comprehensive web design management services, we will take care of everything and build the website you want with no limitation.

The Beginning of the Journey: It All Starts with You!
How we build custom websites begins with the unique needs of the customer and their category of the marketplace. Then, we consult on the latest web technologies to personalize a web design and digital marketing approach specific to you.
When we first start working with a client, we schedule a meeting during which we can learn all about the business.

We learn about your business.
What are your needs when it comes to creating an online presence? Who are your customers i.e. age, geographic location, gender? What do you want them to see when they find you online?

We learn about your competitors.
Their successes and failures will be able to advise
us on what is working in the marketplace and what is not. By asking and answering these questions, we can build web design for you that increases brand awareness retains existing clientele, increases sales, and ultimately that gets everyone excited about your business!

We do Research- it is an Integral Part of the Process
Before we create your custom web design, we do A LOT of research on our end. All of the designers at our Toronto web design, web design Vaughan and development agency have decades of experience designing sites. We can provide our unbiased, professional opinion about which site designs will look amazing and which won’t.


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