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What Is Google Local Services?

When it comes to getting ranked higher than your competitors on Google, there are a myriad of SEO techniques, assorted tips and other methods to give you a high rank. If you’re on the ball, you’ll be able to give your company enough of a fighting chance with your competition when it comes to Google ranking.

If you are a business owner, Google has announced a new way for local businesses to get an edge on the competition. It’s called Google Local Services by Google and it will revolutionize the way you conduct the web marketing for your business website.

There is a due process and could take a few weeks to get approved, but the return on investment is almost assuredly to make a big difference in your web exposure. Google has created yet another way for businesses to take advantage of another benefit in the world of search we now live in.

How Much Does It cost to advertise with google local services?

The way Local Services by Google works is there is a structured payment amount per Google lead. For instance, for a plumber, a lead would cost $30 per lead, while a locksmith company would pay $14. Regardless of whether the potential client decides to hire the company, the business owner will be charged a fixed amount.

Google’s Refund Policy

Google charges for leads even if a client decided not to hire another company. Refunds can be issued in the event of spam, solicitation or for an out of service or area lead.
Google records all calls from the advertiser and will decide if they are eligible for the refund.

How Can We Help Your Business?

As your internet marketing company, All the Way up Media is here to help you with every step of the Google Local Services process! With
most things online, there is due process and we will hold your hand throughout the process to achieve this fantastic opportunity.

Onboarding Process

To initialize the process, we’ll help with creating your account and gathering all of the necessary documents to get your account going.

During this process, we will also recommend getting 1 to 3 Google reviews for your profile. Google will send a link during the registration process for you to send off to your customers for their review.

Next step will be to present any licenses or insurances associated with your business. This information should reflect the information you’ve given for the Google Guarantee.

Settup Up The Platform

We will then help you define what types of jobs your business tends to and wants to receive. We will also help set up other business details such as locations and areas of business.

Coordinate Process With Google

The process will be coordinated by our expert team at All the Way Up Media, through the background check by Pinkerton. This process will be a series of questions and during the 2-8 week process, it will allow them to look into your legitimacy, quality of your business and gives ample time to complete their background check.

Launching Your Campaign

After the process is complete, you will need to create your ads. These will be the small ads above the organic search results that relate to your business. Our team of writers will create thought-provoking ads that will catch the eye and give incentives for customers to click on your link.

Monitor Leads

Our team will then ensure that the campaigns are running properly and effectively monitoring leads. We make sure the leads are coming in from the right areas and that the process is running smoothly.

Increase awareness

By monitoring your ads and being on top of the leads you will get, be prepared to increase your revenue! The more leads that come in to your business through this avenue – the more revenue for you! The hope is that this method will create more and more buzz and give you actual, sustainable leads to keep growing your business!

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How does Google Local Services Work?

If you’ve done some searching recently, you will sometimes come across a service ad with a green check mark indicating its Google authenticity. Initially rolled out to locksmiths and plumbers, it gives users an added measure of security, knowing they will be clicking on a reputable company’s website with authentic guarantees.

Once one searches for a service provider, the results appear right below the search bar and right above the first organic results. This allows for users a first look at all the verified businesses Google has approved and conversely, gives companies excellent opportunities at cashing in on first result search page views.

How does it benefit businesses?

The little green check give potential customers peace of mind and the knowledge that they will be working with a trustworthy company. It gives off that they’ve been properly approved, signed and screened by Google and gives an assuredness to their potential customer base.

Google Local services operates as a booking system for business owners. Initially catering the locksmith and plumber industry, Google expanded it to all businesses with a similar booking modality.


Active Subscribers

How can my business become Google Guaranteed?

The process begins after you’ve verified your business through Google My Business. When approved, it allows for customers who are not satisfied with your product or services, they can refund it through Google, of up to $2,000. This gives your customer a seamless process in the buying and returning process online. Another reason why Google is king of the internet.

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